Ing. Arnold Hübsch
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Arnold has many years of IT experience. He is working in the PC-area since 1978, doing HW and SW design. He is one of the few who started with that technology from the very beginning on. Since 1984 he collected experience with PC-networking technologies. He was responsible for Apple and PC integration into mini and mainframe architectures.

Based on this outstanding long engagement in this technology area he has collected knowledge in many areas of the IT industry: AOS/VS, VMS, various UNIXes, DECnet, AppleTalk, TCP/IP, Netware, PATHWORKS, various LAN-Manager derivates, Windows NT. Arnold holds certificates from many companies: Microsoft, Novell and Digital. He is MS System engineer and MS certified Trainer.

His engagement on MS BackOffice products rewarded him recognition of major customers in Austria and other European countries. Based on his broad knowledge he is involved in beta trainings and rollouts for MS Exchange, SMS and Windows 2000. He developed the NT5 beta course materials which are where used by Hewlett Packard between 1997 and 1999 worldwide. 1998 he was called as architect into a worldwide team to design an Exchange network for a global operating telecom company.

Under his management "Vienna Staging" a reliable, predictable PC installation method was developed in Vienna for Hewlett Packard. That technology was used world wide in HPC infrastructure projects.

Between 1994 and 1996 he was managing an independent consulting company “First City” and gained valuable non technical skills. The company focused work on WEB technologies and e-commerce. Arnold managed all internet activities of Quant-X, the dominating Alpha supplier in Europe, until he joined Microsoft.

At Microsoft Consulting Arnold started as a strategic advisor for government accounts in Austria. His second role was serving as a PSC for General Electric ITS in Austria, focusing on establishing an industry recognized Windows 2000 competence center. Based on that work he pushed GE to step into the Exchange Solutions market, GE is now a well known player in this are too. Arnold moved to the European Microsoft EMEA organization. He worked for PMO (Project Management Office) in Microsoft’s Consulting Organization (MCS). He has supported MCS to help starting Avanade in Europe. Later he prepared ORB and PMO activities on EMEA level.

In July 2001 Arnold returned to GE CITS an an employee, responsible for project work and managing relations to Microsoft. As of January 2002 he is leading the Microsoft Technologies and High Availability Server department as business line leader. Per October 2002 he is responsible for leading the "Managed Services" department. An organization which is offering combined services to customers.

After an reorganization in spring 2003 I left Computacenter. I was looking for new opportunities so I startws an enterprise in the model railroader area. Additionally I managed an international project with European and far East companies to build a high quality model. Out of my IT experience I'm working as a lector for MSF and ITIL books.

In January 2004 I returned back to IT industry and started another enterprise with a friend. This company drives system management projects based on hp OpenView. I concentrate on Microsoft technologies related projects, working as a Software Business Manager and Consultant.

Vienna, June 2004